Leaving The Nest

Hey Bloggers,

Robins: 4 Eggs, 4 Weeks from Fred Margulies on Vimeo.

Oh no! I’m the last one to leave the nest, all of my brothers and sisters are gone.   What would my mom think if she saw I was gone too? How would she feel?  Oh well we all have to leave the nest some day.   I guess today is my day.  As I spread my wings apart I prepare to take flight.   I feel the wind.

In the beginning of the video I hear  all sorts of birds chirping and the mother’s  powerful wings beating against the wind, I hear rain smashing down on the ground.   In the middle I see one and then more and more of the mother’s babies hatching, blindly listening for their mother hoping for some worms.  In the end all of the babies are gone before the mom and dad can come back to the nest.   The end is sad, I would be sad if something I loved just got up and left.

I think that the role of nature  in my life is that we are born one day and gone the next, it’s sad because I think that we need to take each day as  if it could be our last, like when a trees is planted and it’s just a little baby tree it could be ripped out of the ground is a storm was that bad or it could just die because it can live in a really hot or cold place.







Why I Love Dance

Hi Bloggers,

So I know that I don’t talk about dance that much but I  LOVE dance and here are a few reasons why.

I feel that dance is an other way to express our feelings to people.  It’s also like you are in an other world that nobody can tell you to get out of, because I think that sometime we need to be somewhere that is not here. I know that is how I feel sometimes.

Another reason is I just love to be in front of people and preforming. It’s not at all about being perfect and better than everybody else.  I don’t like to show off I just love being a dancer, most girls just wanna be the better one, pretty much I just wanna be good.

Ballet Shoes
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: @Doug88888 via Compfight   


A Horse’s Journey

I wonder if the people knew
that I had a good life?
I wonder if I will ever taste the grass,
or ever see my beautiful field again?
I wonder if I will get fed or if any of the horses
and mules will be fed?
When will I get to rest my sore hooves?
Will I,
some day
run free,
like I did once?


Image credit: Canadian War Museum

7 New Random Things About Me

Hey Blogger’s,

So I know that I have not been posting a lot over the summer, and believe  me, I’m very sad about all of that. But if you can remember I did a post about the 7  random things about me and since then I have new random things about me so here’s the new and improved 7 random things about me

  1.  I can land a front flip,
  2. I love grilled chase sandwiches,
  3. I’m really good at painting,
  4. I love dogs because I have 5 dogs  three dogs at moms and two at my dads.
  5. I love to be at the beach,
  6. I love to spend my spare time out side,
  7. I love to be at school.




Hi people of the world,

These are some of my Haikus that I have been writing in class, I hope you like them.

This one is about Timbits,

Yummy as can be
They’re glazed with jelly fillings
coated with sugar

This one is about Ms. Smith my teacher,

Oh she is so kind
She gives us lots of homework
but she is our Queen

This one is about the song I wrote,

The words come out true
words that are true feelings
they come from my heart


My Music

Hi bloggers,

Just to let you know this is my draft stay tuned for my good copy. I love my music so much and I wanna share it with you. But before I do that I must tell you about my fabulous music Teacher Mrs. Forsland she is the one who showed Mixcraft to me, and she is the best music teacher ever. So,  here is my music. Hope you like it.  Tell me if you liked it in a comment.


Dream Big

Hi Bloggers,

Do you know what an Artphototrainer is?  I am under the impression that you do not know what it is so I will tell you; an Artphototrainer is an artist and a photographer; also a trainer of animals.  What all three parts of the job have in common is that none of them require you going to college! This requires a lot of faith in yourself so it is not for everyone, but requires a person who can follow their heart every day and every night .  It’s not so much your parents giving you permission as it is yourself saying that you can do it because, without fear, there could not be courage.

Here are some reasons why I want to be an Artphototrainer:

Artist:  I chose this topic because I think that I am very good at painting and drawing. I can do this at any time.  I do it everywhere.  This could change the world because I would sell my paintings, and drawings for a low price and give half of the money that l earned to the Cancer Society because I would like to see scientists come up with a cure for it.

Photographer:  I like taking pictures – I love seeing my photos in other peoples’ houses – just seeing people looking at my photos makes me smile!   I do this in one click of a button – right now I’m doing it on my phone but I will be doing it on a camera quite soon – in fact, I will be taking the camera outside tomorrow and taking photos of the ocean and sea life.   I do this every day.  I take my photos at the beach and in forests.  I think that this will change the world because I’m going to sell my photos and also give some of the money to the Cancer Society.

A madrinha alerta
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim via Compfight 

Trainer:  I love animals.  I think that it’s important for people to get to spend time with their animals and to do what the animal need to be properly trained so that the animals don’t cause problems like horse bucking their owners off and dogs biting people.  Also, marine animals need to trained too, because there are some people that go and sit on whales an dolphins and go swimming with them in the ocean and diving with those animals and what would happen if those animals weren’t trained?  They’d be attacking or roughly playing with the riders and the owner would be responsible for the damage done to the person, that is my reason why it will make a difference in the world.

So what kind of dream job would like?


The Elephant

Hi bloggers,

I think that some animals can be smart and goofy and sneaky but some can surprise you like an elephant. I know what your probably thinking how can elephant surprise me? Well, you will just have to watch the video.

Continue the story

Hello Bloggers,

I want to test you to see if you can write a story, so I can have a little break, but I still have to write a little bit of the beginning for you.

I lay there waiting for my mother….


  • first (study the picture and then decide what will happen next) 
  • them comment
  • the story will  continue till some body ends it
  • end the comment by dot dot dot

Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar via Compfight cc

My favorite thing in the classroom izzzzz….


He is always smiling at me, if you can call that a smile.

You can tell him anything that you think he should know. Domo is fluffy or frizzy and has two big eyes and a very big mouth with big teeth.

Sometimes if you use your imagination you can do anything with him.

So do you like Domo? If you do tell me in a comments.

Talk to you latter.


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: maury.mccown via Compfight